Melissa McIntyre

Melissa says: "I don't think I'd ever do a nude scene, which I'm sure my dad is happy about."
Well Melissa, now you don't need to worry about someone else registering this domain and putting fake nudes of you here.

It really does happen. There are people who register celebrity names and use them for advertising, hope to sell them for a big profit, or use them for adult websites to make money off them. Fake nudes of celebrities is quite popular, and something I do not think is right.

This domain name was registered by Premier Website Solutions for protection of the celebrity name. I can't prevent others from making fake nudes, but at least I can make sure they don't put them here. See

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Born May 31, 1986   in Ontario, Canada

If you would like to find out more about this celebrity, go to IMDB,
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*Personal site of mine, long overdue for work.

It's a tough decision choosing celebrity names to register because I DO NOT make money from them and there are many not yet registered, but once in a while, for one reason or another, I decide to register certain names. Basically, the more popular the celebrity is, the more likely her name will get registered by someone with bad intentions. Every now and then I check up on a name and if it's not yet registered, I do some research to make my decision. In this case it was when i read her quote "I don't think I'd ever do a nude scene, which I'm sure my dad is happy about." that I decided to register this one. I'm not a XXX fan myself and that quote just told me I need to make sure this one never gets abused.

P.S. I think another reason I decided to register this one is because I think Melissa has a beautiful smile. It's one of those contagious ones.

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